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Development co-operation by countries beyond the Development Assistance Committee (DAC)


Towards a more complete picture of development finance

Development co-operation of countries beyond the DAC

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There is a general impression in the policy and research communities that development co-operation flows from countries that are not members of the DAC are increasing, but there is little evidence to establish the extent to which this is the case. The OECD is making efforts to fill this important evidence gap by compiling data on development co-operation flows from non-DAC providers.


This paper, Development Co-operation by Countries beyond the DAC (pdf), shows that the total gross development co-operation provided by 27 countries beyond the DAC reached USD 23.5 billion in 2013, which corresponds to 13.4% of total global development co-operation that year (see table below).


 Estimated global development co-operation figures (Issues brief May 2015)


The paper also explains how the DAC has been engaging with providers of development co‑operation beyond its membership – especially in the field of statistics. Furthermore, it proposes greater collaboration among all bilateral providers to complete the picture of international development finance.