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Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development


Arab donors have been providing substantial amounts of official development assistance (ODA) for decades and have considerable experience to share on promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in developing countries. Engaging with members of the Arab Coordination Group (ACG) is consequently a priority for the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC). The two communities have agreed to meet on a regular basis to discuss development issues, identify ways to better co-ordinate activities, learn from each other’s experiences and become more effective in supporting developing countries’ efforts to deliver development results.

Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development 
3 February 2021, 9 am CET - Virtual meeting

The Arab Coordination Group and the DAC will hold the Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development on Wednesday 3 February 2021. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss how the two communities are planning their COVID-19 response and recovery packages, which will mobilise resources for development and will coincide with the Decade of Action to achieve the SDGs. Participants will also discuss how to ensure that the COVID-19 vaccine reaches all partner countries and that no one is left behind in this endeavour.

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