Aid for trade

The Integrated Framework for Trade Related Assistance to Least Developed Countries (IF)


The Integrated Framework for Trade Related Assistance to Least Developed Countries (IF) is a multi-donor initiative aimed at:

(1) assisting LDCs in mainstreaming trade priority areas of action into their national plans for economic development and Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs); and

(2) encouraging the co-ordinated delivery of trade-related technical assistance and capacity building, in response to needs identified by the LDC.


The IF was launched in 1997 by 6 core agencies -the IMF, World Bank, ITC, UNCTAD, UNDP, and WTO- and revamped in 2001, in order to increase its effectiveness. The Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the OECD has observer status in the IF Working Group (IFWG), which is in charge of day-to-day management issues.


For the latest updates, visit the IF website.


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