Aid for Trade: Donor & Partner Country Profiles


Creditor Reporting System (CRS) Profile


The WTO Task Force defined aid-for-trade projects and programmes that have been identified as trade development priorities in the recipient country's national development strategies. The Task Force underlined that clear and agreed benchmarks are necessary for the global monitoring of aid-for-trade efforts. To this end, it identified the following categories; (a) trade policy and regulations (incl. trade facilitation); (b) trade development; (c) trade-related infrastructure; (d) building productive capacity; (e) trade-related adjustment; and, (f) other trade-related needs.


The OECD Creditor Reporting System (CRS) database is used to track ODA flows from Development Assistance Committee (DAC) member countries. It offers the benefit of an existing data collection and a reporting system that can meet the need for enhanced monitoring identified by the WTO Task Force. The CRS can be used to track "proxies" of aid-for-trade volumes based on the categories identified by the Task Force. These proxies are covered by the CRS under the following three headings: (1) trade policy and regulations; (2) economic infrastructure (energy, transport & telecoms); and, (3) building productive capacity.


The OECD is in the process of adapting the CRS to include a new category dedicated to track aid to "other trade-related adjustment". The CRS however does not have a proxy for the Task Force category of "other trade-related needs".


A CRS profiles details the information the OECD holds on the DAC members' ODA commitments and briefly describes the CRS codes used to proxy aid-for-trade categories. The CRS codes record the sector of destination of an activity and not the nature of the activity per se.


Download CRS profiles by country or agency:


Donor Countries

 Australia  FinlandFrance  Italy  South Korea
 Austria   France  JapanLuxembourg  Spain
 Belgium  GermanyGreece  LuxembourgCzech Republic  Sweden
 Canada  GreeceHungary  The NetherlandsGermany  Switzerland
 Czech Republic  HungaryIceland  New ZealandNorway  ThailandLithuania
 Denmark  IcelandIreland  NorwayMauritius  United Kingdom
 EC  Ireland  Portugal  United StatesPeru


Multilateral and International Organisations

 AITIC  UNESCAP  Inter-American Dev. Bank  UNECE
 African Dev. Bank  UNESCWA  Islamic Dev. Bank  UNIDO
 APEC  FAO  International Trade Centre  World Bank
 Asian Dev. Bank  IFAD  UNCTAD  World Customs Org.


Recipient Countries

 Albania  Croatia  Lesotho  Philippines
 Angola  Cuba  Macedonia, TFYR  Rwanda
 Antigua & Barbuda  Djibouti  Madagascar  Saudi Arabia
 Argentina  Dominica  Malawi  Senegal
 Armenia  Dominican Rep.  Malaysia  Sierra Leone
 Bahrain  Ecuador  Maldives  Solomon Islands
 Bangladesh  Egypt  Mali  South Africa
 Barbados  El Salvador  Malta  Sri Lanka
  Belize  Fiji  Mauritania  St. Kitts Nevis
 Benin  Gabon  Mauritius  St. Lucia
 Bolivia  Gambia  Moldova  St. Vincent & Grenadines
 Botswana  Georgia  Mongolia  Suriname
 Brazil  Ghana  Morocco  Swaziland
 Burkina Faso  Grenada  Mozambique  Tanzania
 Burundi  Guatemala  Myanmar  Thailand
 Cambodia  Guinea  Namibia  Togo
 Cameroon  Guinea Bissau  Nepal  Trinidad & Tobago
 Central African Rep.  Guyana   Nicaragua  Tunisia
 Chad  Haiti  Niger  Uganda
 Chile  Honduras  Nigeria  Uruguay
 China  India  Oman  Venezuela
 Colombia  Indonesia  Pakistan  Vietnam
 Congo, Rep.  Jamaica  Panama  Zambia
 Congo, Dem. Rep.  Jordan  Paraguay  Zimbabwe
 Costa Rica  Kenya  Papua New Guinea  
 Côte d'Ivoire  Kyrgyz Rep.  Peru  


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