International Summer School for cooperation and local development (Trento, Italy) - 2013 edition



Fourth edition

“Community and local development
Building strategies for local development”

15 - 26 July 2013, Trento, Italy



OECD LEED Trento Centre
Training Centre for International Cooperation
EAFIT University of Medellin

in collaboration with the Trentino Federation of Cooperatives


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The OECD LEED Trento Centre for local development , the Training Centre for International Cooperation (TCIC) and EAFIT University of Medellin in cooperation with  the Trentino Federation of Cooperatives have set up in 2010 a joint “International Summer School for cooperation and local development”. The main scope of the Summer School is the promotion of local development, by the understanding and acknowledgment from public and private actors of the factors which contribute to build local development strategies, stating from the concept of “territorial capital” and its dimensions. These are considered the base for any development process aiming at guaranteeing better lives for their community.

The role and the strategic capacity of local actors, the commitment to collaborate and coordinate actions towards the design of a "shared future” represent key elements of development processes rooted in local contexts in which the differences should be exploited as opportunities rather than being considered barriers. This is the condition for the development of strong relationships between regions and communities. There is the need to design development strategies with multi-dimensional character, able to capture the different dimensions - cognitive, social and governance, infrastructure, ecosystem - that create the "territorial capital" and that allow communities to address global challenges, increasing their ability to adapt to economic, social and environmental changes.

It is essential for local actors to have the ability to develop knowledge and skills to promote regional partnerships based on integrated policies and to be able to developing their own human, environmental and institutional resources.



  Sharing concepts and ideas on sustainable local development based on comparison of local experiences form Trentino and Latin America, looking for new strategic syntheses.


Providing tools for reading and understanding the selected local experiences from Latin America and Europe, identifying and analysing the lesson learned with respect to the development of dynamics of local development based on the existing territorial capital.


Establish and experiment with an international common platform, based on ICT, which enhances the efficiency, effectiveness and extent of exchange of knowledge and experiences about local development.


Issues and contents

The 2013 Summer School is organised around the understanding and acknowledgment of the factors which contribute to build local development strategies, stating from the concept of “territorial capital” and its dimensions:


Cognitive capital.


Social capital.


Eco-systemic capital.


Infrastructure capital.

These represent a cross-disciplinary approach to the characteristics of a territory necessary in any local context to enable it to build its own strategy for sustainable economic, social, environmental and institutional development.

Summer school brochure (available in Spanish and Italian only)



General characteristics

  • Active involvement of participants also before the training course with specific contributions;
  • Modular structure: one theme per day;
  • Insertion of theoretical/methodological ‘essentials’;
  • Practical approach prevails;
  • Dedicated activities to stimulate interaction among participants;Participatory approach and exchange; and,
  • 'Field visits' to concrete experiences of Trentino (Italy).

The Summer School is based on active exchange of experiences and multi-stakeholder dialogue. The case study presented in the on-line registration form should be considered as background for the working groups during the course. 



  1. Should be committed to the topic of local development, coming from or with working experiences in public institutions (local, provincial or regional governments, development agencies, research centres, International Organisations) or private organisations (foundations, co-operatives, NGOs, etc.) active in the field of local, economic, social and community development.

  2. Should be nationals and have residency, at the time of their application, in one of the countries of Latin America.

  3. Should duly fill in the on-line application questionnaire with the following information:
  • Personal and professional experiences.
  • Motivations to participate in the Summer School.
  • A case study (project, programme or initiative currently implemented or recently being completed – no more than 5 years- which is directly related to the applicant’s professional experience).

The Summer School is organised in co-operation with EAFIT University from Medellin (Colombia) to which were reserved 50% of the 30 places available. The selection process of applicants from other entities is therefore for 15 places and is open to candidates from all countries of Latin America. The organisers will to secure a balanced and varied classroom composition.

DEADLINES The deadline for completing the on-line registration process is the 5 of April 2013 at 24.00 (Italian time).

The selection process will be finalised by the 22 of April 2013.

The participation will be considered confirmed once the registration fee will be received by the organisers and with the deadline of 6 of May 2013.

The Summer School will take place from Monday 15 to Friday 26 of July 2013 included. 

Trento, Italia.



List of selected participants


Participation costs

The following costs of participation in Trento are covered by the organisers:

  • Tuition and training materials;
  • Accommodation (participants will be housed in double rooms in the host structure "Villa Sant'Ignazio");
  • Lunches;
  • Dinners.

The participants or their belonging organisations should cover:

  • Their travel costs between the participants’ home country and Trento;
  • A registration fee of 100 Euros (instructions for payment will be provided together with the selection’s results);
  • Any medical care and insurance during the stay in Italy;
  • Any costs for obtaining visas;
  • Any other personal costs not specified in the programme.



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