Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic joins the Centre


The OECD Development Centre welcomed on Wednesday 3 December the Dominican Republic as its 39th member country. Speaking at OECD headquarters on this occasion, President Leonel Fernández said “Joining the Development Centre is going to be of crucial help in defining the policies for our national development.”



The first Caribbean member of the Centre, the Dominican Republic is already playing an active role in our work. In particular, it is helping us set up a policy network that brings together OECD and Latin American experts.



The Director of the Centre, Mr. Javier Santiso, is delighted that the Minister of Economic Affairs, Planning and Development, Mr. Montás, is taking a direct a personal interest in strengthening the links between the Centre’s policy analysis team and the Republic’s authorities and research institutes. With the assistance of the Economic Affairs ministry, the Centre is setting up a policy network on fiscal issues which will bring together both OECD and Latin American countries.


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