Impact of the OECD Anti Bribery Convention and new perspectives for Croatia


  23 November 2021 at 10am CET

   Croatian version

National and University Library, Zagreb 

Bribery is not a crime that is committed by a public official alone. Companies that bribe officials to win business must also shoulder responsibility. For over 20 years, the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions (Anti-Bribery Convention) has signified the international community’s determination to fight bribery in international business. Today, some 44 countries have combined forces under the Convention to fight this scourge. Can joining the Anti-Bribery Convention strengthen Croatia’s fight against corruption, both within and beyond its borders? Will it raise the level of business integrity in Croatian companies? What will be the impact for Croatian law enforcement? National and international speakers at this event will attempt to answer these and other questions, including by drawing on the experience of countries that are party to the Convention.

Speakers include:

  • Mr. Ivan Malenica, Croatia Minister of Justice and Public Administration

  • Ms. Nathalie Berger, Director for Support to Member State Reforms, EC Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM)

  • Ms. Mathilde Mesnard, Acting Director, OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs

  • Mr. Drago Kos, Chair, OECD Working Group on Bribery

The event is part organised within the framework of the project on “Raising Awareness and Standards of Fighting Bribery in International Business Transactions”, financed by the European Union Structural Reform Support Programme and jointly conducted by Croatia’s Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, the EC and the OECD.


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