Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

14/03/2022 - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the OECD has implemented precautionary measures at its Paris headquarters as a means of protecting the health and safety of everyone onsite.


  • The Conference Centre in La Muette will continue to open gradually for meetings and visitors in line with the improvement of the health situation.
  • Visitors are allowed to access premises subject to invitation only.
  • Wearing a mask is highly recommended in the Conference Centre and during meetings.
  • Barrier gestures are still recommended at all times on the premises: staff and visitors are required to wash their hands frequently and keep a safe distance from other persons.


The OECD staff expresses its solidarity with all those affected by the sanitary crisis, and we thank the OECD community for its co-operation and understanding.

Getting to the OECD

The OECD has two locations.

Please check your invitations.


Please note that the Conference Centres are fully wheelchair-accessible. For further information on accessibility, please write to


Conference participants can connect to the internet within the Conference Centre via the OECD Hotspot Internet Access Service. Find more information at the OECD Conference Centre.  

Personal Data Protection

The OECD is committed to protecting the personal data of visitors to its premises, learn more.