OECD Competition meetings: Calendar of events


This calendar provides a list of competition activities fostered by the OECD Competition Committee and its working parties, international forums and regional centres.

Attendance to these events is by invitation only.  Unless stated otherwise, the meetings take place at the OECD's headquarters in Paris, Budapest (for the Hungary Centre), Seoul (for the Korea Centre) and Lima (for the Peruvian centre).

COVID-19: Given current events, it is possible the 2020 meetings especially by the regional centres  take different formats. Follow our LinkedIn page to stay informed on the upcoming events.


7-10 December 2020

Global Forum on Competition 


January 2021 (dates tbc)

Middle East North Africa Competition Forum


23-25 February 2021

Workshop on methodologies to measure market competition 

Competition Open Day

Workshop on gender & competition policy


7-11 June 2021 

Working Parties No. 2, No. 3 and Competition Committee


3-7 July 2021

Competition Agency Leaders Executive Programme (CALEP)


September 2021 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum


29 November-3 December 2021 

Mon/Wed - Working Parties No. 2, No. 3 and Competition Committee
Thurs/Fri - Global Forum on Competition


20-24 June 2022

Working Parties No. 2, No. 3 and Competition Committee


28 November-2 December 2022 

Mon/Wed - Working Parties No. 2, No. 3 and Competition Committee
Thurs/Fri - Global Forum on Competition


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OECD-CCL Workshop on Hub-and-Spoke Cartels (Riga, Latvia)



16 December

5th Meeting of High Level Representatives of
Asia-PacificCompetition Authorities –
Competition Policy and Recovery


30 Nov-4 December 2020 

Mon - Working Party No. 2
Tues-Thurs - Competition Committee
Fri - Working Party No. 3 


28-29 September 2020

Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum


25-26 February 2020

Workshop on Vertical Mergers and Vertical Restraints
2020 OECD Competition Open Day


23-24 January 2020

Middle East North Africa Competition Forum (Beiruth, Lebanon)

 Regional Centres for Competition



18-20 February 2020

Competition enforcement and advocacy in the banking and insurance sectors


1-2 July

Virtual Seminar on Competition Policy Responses to the Crisis


22-24 September

Virtual seminar on Introductory Seminar for Young Staff Competition law principles and procedures


 27-29 October

Virtual RCC–FAS Seminar – Enforcement cooperation in cross-border cases


15-16 December  

Virtual seminar on Competition policy to ensure a level playing field between private and public firms 


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15 July 

16-17 & 20-21 July

Web Workshop on Health Sector


6-9 & 19, 21 to 23 October 

Workshops on Competition Economics for ASEAN Competition Authorities on Mergers and Abuse of Dominance


9-12 November 

Virtual Bilateral Workshop Thailand Cartels, Leniency and Fines


Next workshops: 

17 December

Virtual Young Competition Agencies’ Workshop 


Dates to be confirmed

Virtual 10th Competition Law Seminar for Asia-Pacific Judges with ASEAN

OECDKPC/CLIP Judicial Primers

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 3-4 March 2020 

Seminar on Competition advocacy 

22-26 June 2020 

Virtual Seminar on Competition in the Health Sector 


2-4 September 2020 

Seminar on Best Practices in Cartel Detection Seminar


18-20 November 2020 

Seminar on Market Definition



Past events

20-21 November 2019 

Launch event and Workshop on Mergers 

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OECD Recommendations on competition
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Competition assessment toolkit
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Guide for helping authorities assess the impact of their activities
Guiding principles for regulatory quality and performance
Inventory of MOUs between competition agencies
Inventory of international co-operation agreements on competition
International Cartels Database
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