OECD Peer Reviews of Competition Law and Policy: Eurasian Economic Union 2021


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Cover of the Competition Peer Review of the Eurasian Economic Union

Publication date:
21 December 2021 


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In 2021, the Eurasian Economic Union underwent a peer review of its competition law and policy during the 20th OECD Global Forum on Competition. 

The Eurasian Economic Union is an international organisation for regional economic integration between Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. It began with a customs union in 1995, and has moved towards a more integrated economic area, culminating its creation in 2015.

This peer review focuses on how to improve co-ordination, harmonisation and effectiveness of the Eurasian Economic Commission in light of the regional and national rules affecting competition policy. Some of the findings of this peer review may be helpful and inspiring also for other regional competition organisations.



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“Peer reviews” are a core element of the OECD work. The mechanisms of peer reviews vary, but it is founded upon the willingness of a country to submit its laws and policies to substantive questioning by other peers.

The process provides valuable insights into the country under study, getting to the heart of ways in which each country deals with competition and regulatory issues, from the soundness of its competition laws to the structure and effectiveness of its competition institutions.

Moreover, these reviews incorporate recommendations for changes in government policy.



Since its creation in 2001, over 10 countries have already volunteered to undergo a peer review of its competition law and policy during the OECD Global Forum on Competition.

The Forum brings together each year high-level officials from more than 100 competition authorities and international organisations worldwide, from both OECD and non-OECD economies.

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