Competition Law and Policy in Romania - 2014


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8 April 2014

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LATEST NEWS: Bucharest, 28/06/2016

In 2014, the OECD and Romanian government launched a project to assess competition-distorting rules and provisions in three sectors. The results will be soon published next June. Read more about the project

Romania's competition system underwent a peer review of its laws and regulations during the 2014 Global Forum on Competition (27-28 February).

The review was based on a report which assessed the developments and application of competition law and policy in Romania, since the establishment of its competition authority in 2004 with a focus on the period 2010-2013.

This report notes that Romania has a competition regime well in line with international standards and that its competition agency has been making ambitious efforts to improve the effectiveness of the enforcement regime and its ability to make markets work better.

However, consistent and continuous implementation of internationally promoted standards and concepts creates challenges. In this regard, main suggestions for consideration include measures to make investigatory instruments, like leniency programmes, work more efficiently; to focus more effectively on key economic sectors; to manage the authority's tools more systematically so as to improve market performance and to improve in-house expertise while strengthening human resources. 

These suggestions reflect the broad consultations held with key stakeholders in Romania in preparation of this report.  

This publication was released on 8 April 2014 on the occasion of a launching event in Bucharest. 




1. Foundations

2. Substantive issues: Content of the competition law

3. Public actors restricting competition

4. Institutional issues: Enforcement structure and practices

5. Conclusions and policy options





Competition Developments in Romania 

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