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China’s economic boom represents a major global change. Over the last few years, China has expanded by leaps and bounds and become a threat and an opportunity for emerging markets. For developing countries, China's growing demand for raw materials is a bonanza and a challenge. The Development Centre works on the impact the astonishing growth and internationalisation of the Chinese economy is having on the world economy.



During the EDC2020 briefing session on "The EU, Africa and China: opportunities and challenges of a trilateral cooperation", which took place on 27 October 2008 in Brussels,Helmut Reisen, Head of Research of OECD Development Centre, talks about the economic effects of China's engagement in Africa, which he sees has an overall positive impact on the African continent.

Chinese economic prospects for the next 30 years will not be diminished by the international financial crisis, says the author of "Chinese Economic Performance in the Long Run", Angus Maddison, as he launches the second edition of the book.





Coming Soon: OECD Development Centre and The World Economy

The October 2009 issue of The World Economy will carry a mini-symposium co-edited by the Development Centre. ‘The Rise of China and India: What’s in it for Africa?’ presents case studies on Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal and South Africa. These papers form part of a broader Development Centre project which documents the economic, political and social impacts of China’s and India’s economic growth on sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries.


Chinese Economic Performance in the Long Run - Second Edition
January 2008 | Angus Maddison
This book uses a comparative approach to explain why China’s role in the world economy has changed so dramatically in the last thousand years. This edition has been revised and updated and Chapter 4 is new. It concludes that China will resume its role as the world's largest economy by 2015.


The Visible Hand of China in Latin America

The Visible Hand of China in Latin America
04-Apr-2007 | A book edited by Javier Santiso
This book describes the opportunities and challenges that Latin American economies will face as Chinese importance in the world economy—and in Latin America's traditional markets—continues to grow.


The Rise of China and India - What's in it for Africa?
22-May-2006 | Andrea Goldstein, Nicolas Pinaud, Helmut Reisen, Xiaobao Chen
African countries are not simply spectators to the economic rise of China and India, they are party to it. This book demonstrates how the growing economic power of China and India is already influencing the growth patterns of African countries.
Also Available: 中国与印度的崛起;非洲从中国与印度获益之多少? (Chinese)


Economic Opening and Growth in China
09-Mar-2000 | Sylvie Démurger
OECD Development Centre publication, which addresses economic growth in China.


Working Papers


Asian Opportunities? An Outlook for Latin American Trade

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Prudent versus Imprudent Lending to Africa: From debt relief to emerging lenders
20-Aug-2008 | Rolando Avendaño, Helmut Reisen and Javier Santiso
Strong growth in China and India has led to improvements in raw-material exporting countries' terms of trade and attracted complementary finance. The long-term challenge for these countries, where institutions are often fragile, is to avoid the so-called “resource curse”.

Prudent versus Imprudent Lending to Africa: From debt relief to emerging lenders
22-Feb-2008 | Sokhna Ndoye and Helmut Reisen
A number of emerging creditors have increased their aid and lending to Africa’s Low-Income Countries. This has fed worries that new official lenders may be undoing years of international efforts to rein in over-indebtedness in Africa.

Household Structures and Savings: Evidence from Household Surveys
17-Jan-2008 | Juan R. de Laiglesia and Christian Morrisson
This paper examines the relationship between household structures, the institutions that shape them and physical and human capital accumulation using household and individual data from China, Indonesia, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.


Fiscal Decentralisation, Chinese Style: Good for Health Outcomes? (WP 264)
18-Dec-2007 | by Hiroko Uchimura and Johannes Jütting
Improving access to affordable health care is one of the main challenges facing policy makers in developing countries, and China is no exception. This case study emphasises the need for more internal policy coherence to achieve self-proclaimed targets.


Angel or Devil? China's Trade Impact on Latin American Emerging Markets (WP 252)
29-Jun-2006 | by Jorge Blázquez-Lidoy, Javier Rodríguez and Javier Santiso
This paper presents empirical evidence of the trade impact of China on Latin America, and finds that it is one of the regions that stands to benefit most from the emergence of this new global player. The authors emphasise the need for the region to capitalise on this windfall in a more active way.


Impact of Changes in Social Institutions on Income Inequality in China (WP243)
30-May-2005 | by Hiroko Uchimura
Adapting formal and traditional institutions is a pre-requisite for inclusive development and poverty-reducing growth.


Agricultural and Human Health Impacts of Climate Policy in China: A General Equilibrium Analysis with Special Reference to Guangdong (WP 206)
26-Mar-2003 | by David O'Connor, Fan Zhai, Kristing Aunan, Terje Berntsen and Haakon Vennamo
This study of health and agricultural productivity effects of a carbon tax shows that there is considerable scope for slowing emissions growth without diminishing economic welfare.


China's Software Industry and its Implications for India (WP 205)
20-Feb-2003 | by Ted Tschang
This paper examines the characteristic strengths and weaknesses of China's fledgling software industry, comparing and contrasting it with those of the Indian industry.


DEV Centre WP 123: Outflows of Capital from China

Outflows of Capital from China (WP 123)
01-Mar-1997 | by David Wall
While the world has been mesmerised by China's emergence as a major player in international trade, China's state-owned and other public sector enterprises have been quietly growing in importance as a source of international capital.


Vertical Intra-Industry Trade between China and OECD Countries (WP 114)
20-Jul-1996 | by Lisbeth Hellvin
This paper examines the issue of intra-industry trade in a transition economy. Have the market-opening reforms resulted in an increasing exchange of similar products?


Chinese Outward Investment in Hong Kong: Trends, Prospects and Policy Implications (WP 113)
10-Jul-1996 | by Yun-Wing Sung
Over the last decade, China has been the leading investor among developing countries and Hong Kong is the foremost destination of Chinese investment.


DEV Centre WP 112: Economic Transition and Trade-Policy Reform: Lessons from China

Economic Transition and Trade-Policy Reform: Lessons from China (WP 112)
01-Jul-1996 | by Kiichiro Fukasaku and Henri-Bernard Solignac Lecomte
Trade-policy reform is an essential feature of China's economic transition to a market economy. On the one hand, the liberalisation and decentralisation of export activities has boosted exports.


Policy Insights


Is China Actually Helping Improve Debt Sustainability in Africa?
14-Nov-2007 | by Helmut Reisen


Dragons and Elephants in Latin America
Sep-2006 | by Javier Santiso.


El triángulo China, España y América latina
Sep-2006 | by Javier Santiso.


Tigres y Dragones en América latina
Sep-2006 | by Javier Santiso.


China: A Helping Hand for Latin America?
18-Aug-2006 | by Javier Santiso

Also available: Amérique latine : la main (in)visible de la Chine? (French)


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