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OECD Pesticides Risk Reduction Seminar


OECD Pesticides Risk Reduction Seminar on “Evolving Digital and Mechanical Technologies for the Application of Pesticides and Pest Management”

26 June 2019 OECD, Paris

The OECD Pesticides Risk Reduction Seminar on Evolving Digital and Mechanical Technologies for Pesticides and Pest Management focused on evolving digital and mechanical technologies such as precision agriculture machinery, data collection, and data processing. These technologies will lead to more precise application of pesticides, alternatives to pesticides, a reduction in pesticide use and allow farmers and growers to better manage their farm inputs.

These evolving technologies will assist the agricultural sector to not only become more productive, but also to minimise the risks and the use of pesticides by applying them more precisely when and where needed. Some of these technologies will pose challenges to pesticide regulatory agencies and, in particular, their risk management policies due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of these technologies and whether they enhance risk reduction techniques or create additional problems.    




Welcome and opening remarks by the OECD - Richard Sigman, OECD Environment Directorate 

Session 1

Overview of the new technologies

Session 2

Mechanical technologies

Session 3

Digital technologies 

Session 4

Stakeholder views 

 Session 5

Regulatory views

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