Chemical accident prevention, preparedness and response

Corporate governance for process safety: Guidance for senior leaders in high hazard industries


EN Cover for Corporate Governance for Process Safety Guidance

The Chemical Accidents Programme developed the Corporate Governance for Process Safety: OECD Guidance for Senior Leaders in High hazard Industry to establish “best practice” for senior decision makers who have the authority to influence the direction and culture of their organisation.

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This guidance aims to identify the essential elements of corporate governance for process safety. It is complementary to the OECD Guiding Principles for Chemical Accident Prevention, Preparedness and Response and the OECD Guidance on Developing Safety Performance Indicators.

The publication is the result of a collaborative effort involving a large number of experts from many countries and organisations, in both the public and private sector.  It is aimed at senior leaders within the chemical, petrochemical, petroleum and other high hazard industries. 

The Guidance was launched at the Conference on Corporate Governance for Process Safety organised in 2012; and brought together leading representatives from government and industry to explore how good leadership can drive improvements in process safety.

The goal was to affirm the need for commitment from the very highest level within organisations in order to fulfill these principles. This conference was an opportunity to exchange views on best practices and make a contribution to a more sustainable and safer industry.



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