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Which instruments for SMEs?


OECD Platform on Financing SMEs for Sustainabiltiy Webinar Series

"Sustainable Finance: Which Instruments for SMEs"


 29 September 2022  13:00-14:30 CET Remote  


Sustainable finance has a critical role to play in facilitating SMEs’ green transition. Numerous surveys have shown that access to finance is one of the biggest barriers to SME greening, in light of high upfront costs and relatively uncertain returns on investments in green technologies, products and processes. Ensuring that SMEs are able to tap into the growing pool of sustainable finance is an important priority for policy makers. In line with this objective, public financial institutions are increasingly introducing tailored financing instruments to provide direct financing (e.g. grants, loans) or to crowd in more private financing (e.g. through guarantees) for SMEs’ sustainable investments. Likewise, private financial institutions, Fintech companies and other private financing providers are stepping up their provision of dedicated sustainable financing instruments to meet the evolving needs of their SME clients. These instruments range from traditional instruments targeted towards financing greening projects, to more innovative ESG-linked instruments, which can finance a wider range of projects and are conditional on the sustainability performance of the underlying investee or investment. 

This webinar explored approaches and instruments that financial institutions can implement to boost SME access to finance. The discussion centered on a number of key questions: 

  • What are the main debt and non-debt instruments that financial institutions can use to finance SMEs' greening activities?
  • How can sustainable finance instruments be tailored to SME needs?
  • What challenges do financial institutions face in integrating sustainability considerations in their SME offer? 
  • What potential innovations could help sustainable finance instruments reach more SMEs?


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