Regional Development

L'Aquila Earthquake: Re-launching the Economy


3 July 2009

This workshop examined policy options for re-launching the economy of the L'Aquila region after the earthquake. The Workshop led to the preparation of a list of eight implementation projects to drive forward the role of the university and the city in relaunching the economy. The proposal to establish an ad hoc task force to ensure the governance structure to efficiently and effectively achieve the expected results was also put forward.

The Workshop was an opportunity for the Italian government to gather ideas for turning the crisis into an opportunity for a 'rebirth' of the area affected by the earthquake. This was particularly relevant in view of the G8 held in L’Aquila during which the Italian government aimed at drawing the international community’s attention to the economic reconstruction and re-launching of L’Aquila.

The Workshop was organised by the OECD in partnership with the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Executive Summary of the outcomes (PDF 200kb)


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A Forum was held on 17 March 2012 at which experts from several OECD countries affected by natural disasters shared experiences on redevelopment of regions. This Forum helped to shape a regional development strategy that included all stakeholders.

Building Resilient Regions after a Natural Disaster: The Case of Abruzzo (2013) - Publication

This publication provides evidence-based recommendations for driving forward recovery efforts after a natural disaster and identifies key priorities for the government of the Abruzzo region in formulating a long-term development strategy in the aftermath of the 2009 earthquake.


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Workshop format

The workshop discussed policy options that could be implemented to restore and re-launch the regional economy. Addressing the challenges can benefit from a comparison with similar experiences around the world and from a debate between local and international experts.

The discussion focused on three priorities for development with 3 panels: 

Panel 1: Policies to redevelop and valorise the role of the University of L’Aquila and promote links with business

Panel 2: Policies to renew the city’s attractiveness by strategic choices on restoration and promoting key innovative services

Panel 3: Engagement, information communication and capacity building for effective multi-level governance of redevelopment


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