Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

Colombia: Supporting the development of local innovation systems – Policy review


The case of Medellin, Antioquia

The review is carried out by the OECD LEED Trento Centre, sponsored by and developed in cooperation with Ruta N
and implemented with the assistance of EAFIT University


The review intended to provide recommendations to the governments of the city of Medellin and the region of Antioquia to define effective policies to support the development of the local economy and include a focus on how the innovative environment can be strengthened to support inclusion, entrepreneurship, SME, and local development.

Read the final report Promoting the development of local innovation systems: the case of Medellin, Colombia (Spanish version also available)


The review

The review run from October 2013 to November 2014 and discussed also the role of national policies and issues of local co-ordination with national institutions.

Review topics include:

  • Innovation and technology
  • Skills and education
  • Finance; clusters; local SMEs; global value chains
  • Social innovation
  • Horizontal and vertical co-ordination


The review was sponsored by and developed in cooperation with Ruta N and implemented with the assistance of EAFIT University. Ruta N is a public institution created by the city of Medellin with EPM (Empresas Públicas de Medellín) and UNE (Telecomunicaciones de Medellin) to promote the development of innovative technology-based businesses to foster the competitiveness of the city and the region of Antioquia.

A number of local, regional and national institutions were also involved in the review:

  • At local level: the governments of Medellin and of Antioquia; EPM; UNE; ANDI; Proantioquia; Premex; and, Chamber of commerce of Medellin.
  • At national level: the Departamento Nacional de Planeación; Colciencias; the Consejo Privado de Competitividad; INNPULSA; the Ministry  of Technology and communications; and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

The final report includes:

  1. An analysis of strengths and weaknesses of current policy approaches
  2. A comparison with international good practice
  3. An international learning model
  4. Policy recommendations
  5. An action plan to implement the recommendations

Download the final report: English versionSpanish version



For further information about the project, please contact Stefano Barbieri.


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