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Publication Date:
June 2009

The experience of Barcelona

Since its creation in 1986 Barcelona Activa has been at the cutting edge of economic development delivery. Founded on an ethos of innovation and implementation the agency exemplifies a sense of what is possible under challenging circumstances. For over two decades it has responded to economic cycles of recession, growth and now again recession. Its experience and achievements during this time will help Barcelona and Catalonia hold its nerve during testing times.

For over twenty years the OECD LEED Programme has drawn on the experience of Barcelona as an exceptional example of innovative economic development. Entrepreneurship, employment creation, social inclusion and international development support are particular strengths which have importantly contributed to the socioeconomic development model developed by Barcelona, and have influenced policy analysis and development carried out by the LEED Programme.

This study explores in detail how an agency can stimulate a substantive policy shift which led to the restructuring of the economy of Barcelona.

Published by the OECD Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1 The review

 1.1. Conceptual framework for city and regional development
agency reviews

Chapter 2 Barcelona: rapid transformation of a local economy

 2.1. The Barcelona story: an introduction
 2.2. Barcelona and its development system: a brief profile
 2.3. Core knowledge base and innovation system
 2.4. Strengths of the local economic development system
Chapter 3 Barcelona Activa: its role, key strengths and opportunities
 3.1. An introduction to Barcelona Activa
 3.2. Barcelona Activa and the City Council
 3.3. Barcelona Activa: an analysis of its performance
 3.4. Key strengths of and opportunities for Barcelona Activa
Chapter 4 Taking forwards economic promotion in Barcelona:
the role of Barcelona activa
 4.1. Introduction to conclusions
 4.2. Where is economic promotion in Barcelona today?
 4.3. Recommendations
 4.4. Summary of conclusions

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