Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED Programme)

OECD LEED Seminar on "Development of Skills, Local Development and Partnerships", Lisbon, Portugal, 10 December 2007


"Development of Skills, Local Development and Partnerships"

Seminar organised within the framework of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union by the Portuguese Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity in partnership with the OECD LEED Programme and the European Commission

Hotel Altis
Rua Castilho 11
Lisbon, Portugal





Throughout OECD countries, partnerships are being set up as government, business and civil society join forces to promote economic development and solve social and employment problems more effectively. Often supported and sometimes initiated by government, these partnerships seek to co-ordinate policies and actions, adjust national policies to local conditions, and involve representatives of all sectors in society in shaping measures and projects.

This is an issue that is being developed by OECD LEED project “Integrating Employment Skills and Economic Development” with the main purpose of identifying the most effective ways to coordinate economic and workforce development and the ways in which these policy areas can be integrated to maximise local prosperity and quality of life.



The purpose of this initiative was to deepen the on-going debates about partnership development and make know some experiences building partnerships for rural and urban development in OECD countries, focusing on the prospective and strategic dimension of partnerships.



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Plenary session

Partnerships in Portugal: achievements to date, current obstacles and perspectives for the future - Lessons from a decade of experimentation (available only in Portuguese)
Alberto Melo, Regional Director of the Portuguese Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (Portugal)

Presentation of a Community of Practice on Partnerships
Benedict Waulters, Deputy Director of the Flemish ESF Agency, Ministry of Employment and COP partnership coordinator (Flanders)

Workshop 1: Partnerships in urban areas

Introduction to the main issues for discussion
Ivan Turok, Professor of Urban Economic Development, Director of Research, UCAP Research Group Leader, University of Glasgow (United Kingdom)

A case from Germany: Munich
Maria João Rauch, Content Manager and partnership coordinator of the Project “Competences Development in and for the city of Munich” in Equalmünchen GmbH (Germany)

A case from Spain: Vallès Occidental Territorial Employment Pact
Manuel Perez, Deputy Mayor of the Innovation and Strategic and Economic Development Area of Terrassa Municipality (Spain)

Workshop 2: Partnerships in rural areas

Introduction to the main issues for discussion
David Douglas, Professor of Rural Planning and Development in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, University of Guelph (Canada)

A case from Romania
Danut Dumitru, Counselor of the ESF Managing Authority, Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family (Romania)

A case from Portugal: Social Network of Macedo de Cavaleiros (available only in Portuguese)
Salomé Caturna, Representative of the Local Council for Social Action of Macedo de Cavaleiros Municipality (Portugal)



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