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New Forms of Governance for Economic Development


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30 November 2004


New Forms of Governance for Economic Development

New forms of governance are emerging. Government, business and civil society are increasingly seeking ways to develop and pursue economic development strategies and solve socio-economic problems jointly. Each with a specific function, these new models complement each other to foster endogenous development and draw on every opportunity to apply local assets, skills and knowledge to promote competitiveness. Regional strategic platforms, partnerships, open governments and other agents of change help release the potential of their area thanks to better co-ordination, and adaptation to local conditions.
From government to governance: the new forms imply a radical shift in ways of working. This book examines how the new forms of governance overcome administrative, political and financial obstacles and their impact on local prosperity and the quality of life. The new approach is illustrated with the results of some of the ambitious initiatives taken by Belgium, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. The book highlights both their strengths but also their weaknesses to make the lessons applicable to other countries.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1. Building New Forms of Governance for Economic and Employment Development
Chapter 2. Sweden: Fostering Regional Competitiveness and Governance through Partnerships
Chapter 3. Norway: the Challenge of Creating Regional Partnerships
Chapter 4. Mexico: Regenerating Participatory Planning and Development Processes
Chapter 6. Slovenia: Building Regional Capacities for Economic Development
Chapter 7. Spain: Towards an Integrated Approach to Economic and Employment Development
Chapter 8. Wallonia: Stimulating the Emergence of Agents of Change
Annex. Expert team

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