Jorg Paasche, Director Banca Gobierno, HSBC México


Graduated with honors in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana; he studied a Master in Business Administration in The Krannert Graduate School of Management at Purdue University. Jorg has lectured in the Universidad Anahuac and is a Board Member for an Education NGO (+Proed).

Since 2014, Jorg is responsible for the Public Sector which includes the Federal Government and States & Municipalities. He leads a nationwide sales force of 35 relationship managers to develop and promote customized solutions for public entities including innovative payments & tax collections, short-term financing and secured long-term funding.

Jorg also covered for 7 years the Latin America region and led a “Smart Cities” initiative focused on infrastructure modernization.

As senior investment banker for governments, he has also participated as “advisor” in visible infrastructure transactions especially in the transport sector (airports, toll-roads, BRTs, etc). In addition, he has led important Capital Markets transactions including mortgage-backed securities, M&A sell-side mandates, and the issuance of the 1st Green & Sustainable Bond for a subnational in Latin America.


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