Focus Group Discussion: Skill and Capacity Development to Support Clean Energy Finance and Investment

15 October 2020
13h30 - 16h00
Jakarta, Indonesia
Virtual Meeting

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The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Review is one of the CEFIM Programme’s key outputs. It will provide an overview of the current policy environment and opportunities for renewable electricity and energy efficiency development in Indonesia, highlighting success stories and good practices as well as identifying areas where Indonesia could strengthen domestic enabling conditions for clean energy finance and investment. The Review endeavours to explore opportunities to accelerate clean energy development in Indonesia as well as consider socio-economic implications of the clean energy transition (e.g. gender equality, regional economy). It will contain an assessment of the current policy environment for clean energy finance and investment and provide  recommendations that are actionable as well as mindful of potential trade-offs or adverse impacts.


Accelerating renewable energy and energy efficiency (“clean energy”) investments in Indonesia can contribute to job creation and economic growth. In Europe and the United States, it is estimated that job-intensive energy efficiency alone employed more than 3.3 million people prior to the current COVID-19 crisis . In Indonesia, the renewable energy sector could potentially employ around 1.3 million people by 2030 from around 100,000 today . Support for skill and capacity development can thus help in job creation to scale up clean energy investments, particularly in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Increasing workforce skill and capacity will need to happen in a range of economic sectors: from engineering and manufacturing to project management and the financial sector. This will require support for training and capacity building and Indonesia is already taking steps in this direction under its ambitious clean energy and sustainable finance goals.

To support Indonesia in this endeavour, this FGD discussed opportunities to strengthen skill and capacity development programmes with a view to unlock clean energy finance and investment. More specifically, this FGD discussed opportunities to: ensure project developers, local authorities and financiers are well equipped to support investments in clean energy (including in a small island context); increase the role of private actors in the provision of training and capacity building programmes; identify priority areas for skill and capacity development; and, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, strengthen the effectiveness and evaluation of training and capacity building programmes to improve their contribution to workforce skill upgrade and job creation. The FGD also pulled from international experiences in implementing similar training and capacity building programmes in the clean energy and financial sectors.





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