The OECD's Relations with its Key Partners


The 2012 Ministerial Council Meeting marks the fifth anniversary of the launching of Enhanced Engagement, aimed at advancing the OECD’s relationship with five Key Partners, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and South Africa.






South Africa






Key partners contribute to the OECD's work in a sustained and comprehensive manner.  A central element of the programme is the promotion of direct and active participation of these countries in the work of substantive bodies of the Organisation.  Each country participates in OECD work through a programme containing a mix of several elements, notably:

The actual mix and the sequencing of the elements is determined by mutual interest.

Other global co-operation activities

In addition, the Organisation has developed with some regions of special interest, a few comprehensive regional programmes. These are means of strengthening the relevance and the impact of OECD activities at a global level.