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 18-23 March 2018     Brasilia, Brazil

The OECD actively participated in the 8th World Water Forum on the theme “Sharing Water” through a series of events, the launch of a new report and by taking part in a number of workshops and seminars throughout the forum.

The schedule below includes:

  • Main OECD events
  • OECD-led events on governance
  • Other OECD speaking events

Main OECD events

  • Tuesday 20 March - Roundtable on Financing Water High-Level Session (9:00-10h30, Room 34)

    The Roundtable convened a high-level session to engage with governments, development finance institutions, private financers and NGOs. The session aimed to disseminate key messages emerging from the High-Level Panel on Water, with a focus on valuing and financing water and to chart the way forward - read the Programme.

  • High-Level Panel Revitalising IWRM for the 2030 Agenda (16:30-18:00, Room 36)

    This session took stock of achievements and discussed the transformational vision of the SDGs, for which IWRM must rapidly become capable of delivering impacts that are counted in the billions of lives transformed.


OECD-led events on governance

Tuesday 20 March

  • Session 9.a.3: The New Policy Agenda for IWRM (11:00-12:30, Room 28)
    This session built on conclusions about revitalisation of IWRM practice, to raise questions of how policy and investment frameworks for IWRM need to change to increase the scale and speed of results from IWRM.

Wednesday 21 March

Thursday 22 March

Other OECD speaking events

Sunday 18 March

  • Water Business Day (9:30- 18:30, Armando Monteiro Neto Building, Asa North Q1 Brasília) 

Monday 19 March

Tuesday 20 March

Wednesday 21 March

Thursday 22 March

  • World Water Day (09:00-10:30, Planalto Room 33)
  • Side Event Water and Jobs, Water Youth Network (09:00 - 11:00, Room 42)
  • WGG-Water Security Special Session: Green Transition for Enhancing Water Security for All (14:00-15:30, Korean Pavilion) 
  • Conference on Public Private Partnership in the water sector (15:30-17:00, Morocco Pavilion) 
  • Closing Session on governance (16:30-18:00, Room 29)
    This session took stock of the key outcomes from the nine sessions related to water governance at the Forum. It was forward looking and identified actions required in the short to long-term and who can do what on the road to the 9th World Water Forum.

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