About the Latin American Economic Outlook Project



  The Latin American Economic Outlook (LEO) is a new publication by the OECD Development Centre that provides in-depth analysis and valuable insights on some of the most relevant economic trends and challenges affecting development in Latin America. Building on the Development Centre’s experience as a bridge between OECD member countries and emerging and developing economies, LEO serves as a focal point for OECD’s work on development in Latin America. The annual report is just the flagship for the many activities the Development Centre is already carrying out on Latin American issues,including new research, publications, experts’ meetings and conferences.

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LEO works closely with other OECD directorates, and is establishing a network of collaborations with other multilateral organization, public policy makers, private-sector decision makers, academic institutions, think tanks, and organizations working on Latin American issues.

LEO's work is organised around four broad themes: policy coherence, finance, business and trade.


The team of staff and researchers includes:


Ángel Alonso Arroba
Policy Analyst & Outreach Coordinator


Rolando Avendaño
Research Analyst


Juan Ramón de Laiglesia


Ricardo López
Financial Coordinator


Beatrice Melin


Sebastián Nieto Parra
Research Analyst


Charles Oman
Senior Economist and Coordinator


Javier Santiso
Acting Director & Chief Economist


Pablo Zoido
Economist and Coordinator



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