OECD Global Forum on Agriculture

OECD Global Forum on Agriculture 2020: Policies for a more resilient agricultural sector

Rome, Italy | date forthcoming

Agriculture is increasingly exposed to a wide range of risks arising from weather variability, natural hazards, and pests and diseases – which are often intensified by the impacts of climate change – as well as shocks in both domestic and international markets. These risks directly affect the economic returns from agriculture, farmers’ livelihoods, and in the long run, the capacity of farmers to invest and innovate and the sustainable development of the sector.

Policy makers are looking for ways to strengthen the agricultural sector’s resilience to risk and facilitate its adaptation to climate change. By building resilience – the ability to plan and prepare for, absorb, recover from, and adapt and transform in response to adverse events – farmers will be better placed to manage risks and uncertainties, and even embrace the new opportunities that they may bring. The challenge for policy makers is to find a balance between measures that are necessary to enable farmers to cope with and recover from the effects of adverse events, and building preparedness and supporting the sector to adapt and transform in response to a more uncertain future and the changing risk environment.

The 2020 Global Forum on Agriculture offers an opportunity to share and discuss countries’ experiences with developing policies that enhance the resilience of the agricultural sector to current and future risks. The discussions will highlight key insights from OECD analysis, the policy experiences of OECD, Partner and invited countries, and stakeholder responses to the new policy environment.


Documents and presentations

  • Agenda (forthcoming)
  • Background note (forthcoming)
  • Summary record (forthcoming)


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Global Forums on Agriculture

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Participants include government officials from OECD countries and a wide range of non-member economies, agricultural experts from intergovernmental organisations, NGOs, producer groups and agribusiness, and researchers.

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