OECD Expert Briefing: How's Life in the United States?


It takes more than GDP figures and economic statistics to measure well-being. The latest OECD How’s Life? 2017 report examines people’s well-being, covering aspects of life ranging from civic engagement to housing, from income to work-life balance, from skills to health. It shows that while some aspects of well-being have improved since 2005, too many people are unable to share the benefits of the modest recovery that is underway in many OECD countries. 

It tracks divisions according to age, gender, and education, and reveals pockets of inequality in all OECD countries. It also brings to light the many well-being disadvantages that migrants face in adapting to life abroad. Additionally, the report examines governance as seen from the citizen’s perspective, revealing gaps between public institutions and the people they serve.

Join us on December 13, 2017 at the OECD Washington Center for a presentation of the findings of How’s Life 2017, including highlights for the United States.


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Video Presentation

Carrie Exton 
Head, Monitoring Well-Being and Progress
OECD Statistics Directorate


Chris Hoenig 
President and CEO, State of the USA


Date & Location:

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

9:00-10:00 am ET

A light breakfast will be served at 8:45am. The presentation begins at 9:00am.


OECD Washington Center

1776 I Street NW, Suite 450

Washington, DC 20006


How’s Life? is part of the OECD Better Life Initiative, which features a series of publications on measuring well‐being, as well as the Better Life Index, an interactive website that aims to involve citizens in the debate about what a better life means to them.


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