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International Business Dialogue 2014: Better Regulation to Enhance Trade



Please note that this event will take place on 14 April, 2014 at OECD, Paris | Château Room D



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The way the rules of the game for business, investment and trade are designed and enforced is of critical importance for the performance and competitiveness of business. Evidence shows that regulatory policy misalignment, both in formulation and application, increases the costs companies face when operating internationally - thus holding back growth and job-creation. One key takeaway from last year’s OECD International Business Dialogue - the first of its kind - pointed to inefficient regulation as one of the central trade policy concerns of the business community.

This year’s International Business Dialogue will take place on 14 April, 2014 and build on last year’s success with the theme of Better Regulation to Enhance Trade. The objective is to collect input from the business community on today’s major regulatory impediments to trade and identify the most important areas to improve international regulatory cooperation. The event aims to come up with concrete proposals for addressing the most urgent regulatory obstacles to international trade, from the business perspective.

The IBD offers business a unique opportunity to provide input to the development of the work agenda of the OECD in this area. Business representatives from across sectors and regions will be invited to share their hands-on experience with the international regulatory environment. Delegates from member and partner countries, from both the trade and governance communities, will be in attendance, allowing the business community a prime opportunity to engage in relevant policy dialogue.




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The results for the business survey are now available for download (pdf)


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