History of the Centre


The Birth of the OECD Development Centre:


The creation of the OECD Development Centre was proposed by US President John F. Kennedy in an address to the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa on 17 May, 1961.



Read the transcript of his speech here.


Download the original Preliminary Report about the question of establishing a Development Centre here.


Download the original Council Decision document that created the OECD Development Centre here.


Development is Back is back. Were you there 10 years ago for the Centre's 40th anniversary? Find out more about the Centre's roots and how far it's come in 10 years.



Click on the links below to download selected chapters from the Development Centre's 40th anniversary publication: Development is Back.


Chapter 1: The Development of the Centre - by Véronique Sauvat


Chapter 13: Origins of the OECD Development Centre - by Carl Kaysen


Chapter 15: The Origins and Early Years of the Centre: A Personal Perspective - by Angus Maddison


Download a selective bibliography of the Development Centre's publications throughout the years.


Take a look at the covers of some of the Development Centre's publications throughout the years - including the very first publication: Development Plans and Programs




View the covers of some of Angus Maddison's earliest works with the Development Centre:



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