The Food Chain Analysis Network (FCAN) seeks to convene experts in agro-food system analysis to gather and exploit data on consumer food expenditures. These data have the potential to shed light on a wide range of issues related to the functioning of the food chain, including the socio-economic determinants of food choices and hence derived health outcomes.

The current structure of the FCAN seeks participation by national experts from government ministries and related institutions providing policy analysis. Those experts are invited to participate based on their experience in the collection and analysis of consumer data that can be used to inform food and agricultural policies.

In broad terms, the food demand focus is expected to complement the agricultural supply perspective, facilitating a coherent view of the functioning of the agro-food chain and identification of associated policy priorities. This orientation means that the FCAN will now play a more upstream role, feeding other mechanisms that OECD has for engaging with policy makers and stakeholders across the agro-food system.

FCAN Meeting of 15 October 2018

This meeting addressed the following issues (Agenda):

  • How are food data systems structured across the OECD?
  • Towards comparable food data systems
  • Opportunities associated with digital technologies
  • Moving forward: Identifying priorities across OECD countries

In preparation for this meeting, the Trade and Agriculture Directorate (OECD/TAD) took stock of the current information base concerning the food environment across OECD countries and its potential links to health outcomes. 

Joint EGEPH and FCAN Meeting of 16 October 2018

On 16 October 2018, the FCAN will met jointly with the Expert Group on the Economics of Public Health (EGEPH). The focus was on the involvement and actions of governments and food industry stakeholders towards a healthier food environment (Agenda).

FCAN has conducted annual meetings since 2010. Documents, presentations and summaries are available under Meetings.

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