Thematic Reviews


Since 2006, the ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia and the Pacific has reviewed specific areas of its members' anti-corruption efforts. The reviews identify challenges facing each member and propose recommendations for a way forward in order to overcome these difficulties. The reviews also identify cross-country trends and common obstacles which in turn allows the Initiative to tailor its capacity building activities so as to address these challenges. Two years after each review, the Steering Group revisits the subject area and examines each member's progress in implementing the recommendations that have been addressed to that member.

2014 - Thematic review on corporate measures to prevent and detect corruption

2010 - Thematic review on the criminalisation of bribery offences under UNCAC

2008 - Thematic review on mutual legal assistance, extradition and recovery of proceeds of corruption

2006 - Thematic review on mechanisms to curb corruption in public procurement



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