The Initiative and the UN Convention against Corruption


Assisting its members implement the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) is the Initiative's primary objective. The Initiative's statement of Strategic Principles and Operational Activities adopted in 2010 stated that the Initiative's general objective is to provide "a regional forum for supporting national and multilateral efforts to address and reduce corruption in Asia and the Pacific, primarily through the effective implementation of UNCAC". As such, one of the Initiative's Strategic Principles is to help its members implement the Convention. 

The Initiative engages in a wide range of activities to accomplish this objective. The topics for the Initiative's Thematic Reviews, Regional Seminars, and Regional Conferences are chosen to support UNCAC implementation, such as by targeting areas of deficiency identified in UNCAC self-assessments and UNCAC reviews. The Initiative's Steering Group Meetings provide a regular forum for dialogue and exchange of experiences among members on UNCAC implementation. 

The Initiative also participates in the UNCAC Conference of States Parties and has delivered the following statements and presentations:


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