Taking Action against Corruption in Asia and the Pacific: Proceedings of the 3rd Regional Anti-Corruption Conference (2001)


This publication contains selected conference papers pertinent to the three themes of the third annual conference of the Asian Development Bank/Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia-Pacific, held on 28-30 November 2001 in Tokyo, Japan.

They cover issues such as
- developing efficient and transparent systems of public service;
- strengthening anti-bribery actions and promoting integrity in business; and
- supporting active public involvement.

Appendix II presents the endorsement of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan for Asia-Pacific by 17 countries from the region, clearly reflecting the growing trend to take concrete action against corruption in the region.

 Abbreviations and Acronyms, Foreword and Executive Summary
 Welcoming Remarks, Keynote Address and Opening Remarks
Welcoming Remarks, Shomei Yokouchi
Keynote Address, Toshio Kojima
Opening Remarks, John Seiichi Kondo, Gerald Sumida
 I. The Challenge of Coping with Corruption
A. Strategies in the Region

1. Designing a Comprehensive National Anti-Corruptin Strategy in Cambodia, Sum Manit
2. Report on Progress in the Region in the Preceding 12 Months from an Australian Perspective, Barry O'Keefe
3. Transparency International and Anti-Corruption Work in Nepal, Devendra Raj Panday
B. Disclosure of Information
4. Disclosure of Information: The Powerlessness of the Media in Pakistan, Zohra Yusuf
5. Practices and Problems of Information Disclosure Mechanisms, Akira Yamada
6. Disclosure of Information by the Asian Development Bank, Clay Wescott
C. Integrity in Politics
7. Enforcing Accountability and Transparency of Political Parties, Lim Guan Eng
8. Comments and Comparison with the OECD Region, Enery Quinones
 II. Preventive and Enforcement Measures to Fight Bribery
Prevention: What Businesses Can Do - Corporate Governance and Compliance Schemes

9. Corporate Governance in India, Omkar Goswami
The Role of the Judiciary - Improving Investigation and Prosecution of Bribery
10. Accountablly Corrupt or Corruptibly Accountable: Issues in the Investigation of Corrupt Practices, Narayanan Srinivasan
11. An Overview of the Japanese Criminal Justice System, Yuichiro Tachi
12. The Judiciary and the War Against Corruption and Bribery: A Perspective on the Conditions for Effective Reform, Gerald Sumida
 III. Strengthening Civic Participation in the Fight Against Corruption
F. Government - NGO Interaction
13. Problems and Best Practices on the Interaction Between the Government of Kyrgyz Republic and Local NGOs to Foster Good Governance, Tolondu Toichubaev
14. Goverment - NGO Interaction in the Drafting of teh Korean Anti-Corruption Law, Taeho Lee
G. Society in Action Against Corruption
15. The Role of NGOs in the Fight Against Corruption in Asia - The Contribution of the Asia Crime Prevention Foundation, Minoru Shikita
16. Increasing Information Access to Improve Political Accountability and Participation, Gopakumar Krishnan

Taking Action against Corruption in Asia and the Pacific. ADB/OECD. Manila. 2002. ISBN 971-561-453-1. 245 pages.


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