Progress in the Fight against Corruption in Asia and the Pacific: Proceedings of the 2nd Regional Anti-Corruption Conference (2000)


This publication assembles the papers presented during the Joint ADB-OECD Conference on Combating Corruption in the Asian and Pacific region held in Seoul, Korea in December 2000. The Seoul conference identified priorities for a successful fight against corruption, including:

  • promoting good governance through legal, institutional, and administrative reforms;
  • strengthening the rule of law;
  • promoting integrity in business operations; and
  • developing proactive strategies to promote citizens' participation in anti-corruption efforts.

Against this background, this publication provides a review of successful anti-corruption strategies already in place and explores and analyzes new approaches. Moreover, it aims to foster the sharing of information and experience and to strengthen coordination and cooperation among key players in the fight against corruption.

 Foreword (Shoji Nishimoto, William Witherell)
 Executive Summary
 Keynote Speeches
The Anti-Corruption Initiative, Seiichi Kondo.
Combating Corruption in the New Millennium, Byoung-Woo Ahn
The Fight against Corruption: How a Regional Development Bank Can Help, John Lintjer
 I. Combating Corruption on all Fronts
A. National Efforts
1. Cleaning up Seoul's City Government: A Systematic Approach, Hong-Bin Kang
2. Combating Corruption in the PRC, Zhao Dengju
3. Combating Corruption in Pakistan, Khalid Maqbool
B. Reducing Corruption among Public Officials
4. The Role of the Ministry of Justice and the Prosecutor's Office in Korea, Kee Bong Paek
5. The PRC's Struggle to Combat Corruption and Bribery: Countermeasures and Challenges, Ye Feng
6. Good People, Good Laws: Curbing Public Sector Corruption, Chua Cher Yak
C. Increasing School Education and Public Awareness
7. Tackling Corruption: School Education and Public Awareness, Catherine Chui
8. Tackling Corruption: The Media, School Education, and Public Awareness, Enayetullah Khan
 II. Action in Corruption-Prone Areas
D. Police Forces
9. Combating Corruption Effectively within the Metropolitan Police Service, Michael Taylor
10. Developing a Technology of Behavior: An Alternative Approach to Preventing Police Corruption, Harry C. Lorenzo, Jr.
11. Korea's Police Anti-Corruption Plan, Bong-Ahn Yoo
E. Government Procurement
12. Anti-Corruption Measures in the Public Procurement Service Sector in Korea, Byungtae Kang
F. Tax Administration
13. Ensuring the Confidentiality of Taxpayer Information, David Williams
14. Recent Reforms of Korea's Tax Administration, Sang-Yool Han
15. Fighting Fraud in the Australian Public Sector, Graeme Waters
 III. The Private Sector Fights Corruption
G. Success Stories
16. Corruption and the Private Sector, Neil Maloney
17. Preventing Corruption in the Private Sector, Tunku Abdul Aziz
H. An Anti-Corruption Corporate Culture
18. A One-Stop Services Office, Mukti Asikin
19. Efforts to Create an Anti-Corruption Corporate Culture in Korea, Zusun Rhee
I. Corporate Governance
20. Partnerships between the Public and Private Sectors to Fight Corruption Linked to Organized Crime, Keijiru Kimura
21. Measuring Corporate Corruption in Korea, Jhung-soo Park
 IV. Effective Action
J. The Public-Private Interface
22. Preparation and Implementation of Japan's National Public Service Law, Hideki Goda
23. Ensuring Integrity at the Public-Private Sector Interface, Barry O'Keefe
24. Creating an Environment to Combat Corruption, Thomas L. Delare
K. Public-Private Partnerships
25. Institutional Safeguards for Good Governance: The New Zealand Experience, Anand Satyanand
26. The Internet Culture in the Fight against Corruption, Gretta Fenner and Frederic Wehrle
L. NGOs, the Media, and Development Agencies
27. The Media's Role in Creating a Public Information Network, Natee Vichitsorasatra
28. Making Anti-Corruption Actions Work: Enlisting the Media, Nongovernment Organizations, and Aid Agencies, Manzoor Hasan
29. The Role of Nongovernment Organizations in Preventing Corruption, Nam-Joo Lee
30. Improving Cooperation between Development Agencies, Governments, and Civil Society, Phil Mason
 V. Conclusions
31. Promoting Regional Cooperation in Corruption Prevention, Key-Chong Park
32. Conference Conclusions and Recommendations for Action

Progress in the Fight against Corruption in Asia and the Pacific. ADB/OECD. Manila. 2001. ISBN 971-561-363-2. 291pages.



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