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Monetary measures of the stock of human capital for comparative analysis: country data


Users will find below Excel (xlsx) files for each of the country covered by the OECD project. 

Each Excel file has several spreadsheets, corresponding to the years for which data are available. Within each spreadsheet, information for men is presented in the top panel, while that for women is shown in the bottom panel.

For both men and women, six types of data are provided. The first five blocks represent the data used as ‘inputs’ in the estimation of the monetary stock of human capital: these consist of data on “Annual earnings”, “Educational attainment”, “Employment rates”, “School enrolment rates”, and “Survival rates”. The last block represents the output data, i.e. “Estimated lifetime income”; this is measured using the Jorgenson-Fraumeni lifetime income approach based on grouped data. The monetary value of the stock of human capital for each country is computed as the sum of “estimated lifetime income” across all groups. For details on the estimation procedure, please refer to Liu (2011).

With the exception of “School enrolment rates”, data for all blocks are cross-classified by single year of age (between 15 and 64) and country-specific educational attainment, which may differ from the ISCED 97 classification. The block of “School enrolment rates” is cross-classified by single year of age (between 15 and 64) and country specific advancement path from lower to higher educational levels.

“Annual earnings” and “Estimated lifetime income” are expressed in millions of national currency at current prices; “Educational attainment” is expressed in thousands of persons.

For more information on data construction, see Liu (2011), "Measuring the stock of human capital for comparative analysis: an application of the lifetime income approach to selected countries", OECD Statistics Working Papers N. 41 (2011/6) OECD Publishing.




















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