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Plenary Session: Regulatory Policy, Better Rules for a New Game


Plenary Session: Regulatory Policy, Guiding the Road to Recovery and Growth

  • Mr. Rolf Alter, Director, Public Governance and Territorial Development, OECD
  • Ms Caroline Varley, Project Manager, Public Governance and Territorial Development, OECD
  • Mr. Martin Tlapa, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic
  • Ms. Viola Groebner, Director, Industry Policy and Economic Reforms, Directorate General Enterprise and Industry, European Commission
  • Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick, Associate Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, United States
  • Mr. Tadahiro Asami, Secretary General, Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) 


Session A1. Ex post Evaluation: Closing the Policy Cycle

  • Mr. Jean Maïa, Chef du service de la législation et de la qualité du droit, Secrétariat général du Gouvernement, France
  • Ms. Susan Page, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Finance and Deregulation, Australia
  • Mr. Chris Shapcott, Director, Regulatory Reform, National Audit Office, United Kingdom
  • Ms. Sarah Hector, Acting Head of the Evaluation Unit, Secretariat General, European Commission


Session A2. Building a Competitive and Business-friendly Environment


Session A3. Better Regulation for Green Growth


Session A4. Simplification Strategies through E-government


Session B1. Governance in Regulatory Oversight


Session B2. Social Impacts of Regulations

  • Ms. Elizabeth Hvas, Deputy permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Denmark 
  • Mr. Matthew Adler, UPenn Law School, Leon Meltzer Professor of Law, United States
  • Mr. Etienne Marie, General Inspector, General Inspectorate for Social Affairs, Ministry of Health and Sports, France
  • Mr. Ron Blackwell, Chief Economist, American Federation of Labor & Congress of Industrial Organizations, (AFL-CIO), United States


Session B3. Regulators and the Regulatees: Being Friendly without being Cozy?

Session B4. Open Government towards user-centered Regulation

  • Mr. Edward Donelan, Senior Adviser - Regulatory Governance, SIGMA, OECD
  • Mr. Alexander Hunt, Branch Chief, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, United States
  • Ms. Katju Holkeri, Head of Governance Policy Unit, Public Management Department, Ministry of Finance, Finland Chair of the OECD Public Governance Committee
  • Mr. Luzius Mader, Deputy Director, Federal Office for Justice, Switzerland


Session C1. International Regulaty Co-operation

  • Mr. Felipe Duarte, Vice-Minister for Competitiveness, Mexico
  • Mr. Michael Fitzpatrick, Associate Administrator, Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, United States
  • Mr. Simon Holland, Policy officer, Directorate General Enterprise & Industry, International Affairs Unit, European Commission
  • Mr. Benoit Turcotte, Director, Regulatory Affairs Division, Treasury Board of Canada
  • Josef Konvitz, Head of division, regulatory policy, public governance and territorial development, OECD


Session C2. Mapping Sustainability in Policy Making

  • Ms. Barbara Kunz, Project Manager, Modern Regulation, Bertelsmann Stiftung
  • Ms. Michelle Moore, Federal Environmental Executive, White House Council on Environmental Quality, United States
  • Mr. Marc Hostert, Head of the Private Office, Member of the European Court of Auditors
  • Mr. Andrea Renda, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium


Session C3. Addressing Risk in Regulatory Policy Making

  • Mr. Nikolaï Malyshev, Deputy Head, Regulatory Policy, Public Governance and Territorial Development, OECD
  • Mr. Simon Webb, Executive Director, The Nichols Group, Former Director General, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom
  • Prof. Jonathan Wiener, Professor of Law, Duke University Law School, United States
  • Mr. Panagiotis Karkatsoulis, Professor, Hellenic School of Public Administration, Greece
  • Mr. Jan van Tol, Manager Risk and Responsibility Programme, Central Government Reform Programme,Netherlands


Final Plenary Session: Regulation: The Challenge to Govern Better Learning from Failures to Prepare for the Future

  • Mr. Rolf Alter, Director, Public Governance and Territorial Development, OECD
  • Mr. Gary Banks, Chairman, Productivity Commission, Australia
  • Mr. Luigi Carbone, Deputy General-Secretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Executive Chair of the Better Regulation Unit, and Counsellor of State, Italy
  • Mr. Luiz Alberto dos Santos, Deputy Minister for Analysis and Follow-Up of Governmental Policies, Presidency of Republic - Civil House, Brazil
  • Dr. Marianne Klingbeil, Director for Better Regulation; Acting Chair of the Impact Assessment Board, Secretariat-General of the European Commission
  • Mr. Jeroen Nijland, Director, Regulatory Reform Group, Ministry of Finance/Economic Affairs, the Netherlands


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