Who's Who: Session B1


Session B1. Governance in Regulatory Oversight







- George Redling

Former Assistant Secretary, Treasury Board of Canada


George F. Redling joined the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat on July 1, 2006 as Assistant Secretary responsible for the Regulatory Affairs Sector; his Sector supports Treasury Board in its consideration of Regulations and other submissions that are recommended through Treasury Board’s role of Governor in Council. Previously, Mr. Redling was Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Regulatory Affairs and Orders in Council Secretariat at the Privy Council Office, from 1998 to 2006. He was Chair of the Working Party on Regulatory Management and Reform at the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development from 2003 to 2008. Prior to joining the Government of Canada, he established a private practice in commercial and corporate law in Calgary, Alberta, after obtaining his LLB degree from McGill University.










- Catherine Atkins

Manager, Treasury, New Zealand


Catherine Atkins is Manager of the Regulatory Quality Team in the New Zealand Treasury. The team is responsible for the design of New Zealand’s Regulatory management system.  She is also head of the Regulatory Impact Assessment Unit which provides the government with an independent assessment of the quality of Regulatory Impact Statements of regulatory proposals. Currently she is also leading the establishment of the Productivity Commission. Over the last 10 years Catherine has held various senior positions in the Treasury in the following areas: the Office of the Chief Executive, State Sector Management, Labour Markets, Market Interventions, and Education. Catherine also has experience in designing and implementing regulation in New Zealand. She also started her career working on competition policy and regulatory reform issues at the Ministry of Commerce. Catherine has a Masters in Economics.









- Johannes Ludewig

Chair, National Regulatory Control Council (Nationaler Normenkontrollrat), Germany


Dr. Johannes Ludewig is Chairman of the German National Regulatory Control Council (Nationaler Normenkontrollrat) set up to monitor the German government’s efforts to reduce bureaucracy. He has been Executive Director of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) since 2002. He is a former CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG and has extensive experience in public administration and politics. He spent more than 20 years in the German Ministry for Economics and in the office of the German chancellor. In the Ministry of Economics, he was responsible for Energy, Business Cycle and Economic Policy. In the Chancellery, he was Head of the Department for Economic and Financial  Policy and the Coordination for the New Federal States. In 1995, he became State Secretary and Representative Agent of the Federal German Government for the New Federal States.










- Stig von Bahr

Chairman, Regelrådet, Swedish Better Regulation Council, Sweden


Stig von Bahr is a former Judge of the European Court of Justice (2000-06) and Judge of the Supreme Administrative Court (1985-2000) and has subsequently been an advisor to the Swedish Tax Agency (2007-08). He has also served at the Parliamentary Ombudsmen and in the Government Offices, where he was a Deputy Director-General at the Ministry of Finance. He has taken part in a large number of government-appointed inquiries, mainly in the area of tax and accounting. For instance, he chaired the Committee on Inflation-Adjusted Income Taxation, the Accounting Committee and the Inquiry on Taxation Rules for Close Companies. He has also chaired the Swedish Accounting Standards Board and been a member of the governing boards of the National Courts Administration and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. He has published a large number of articles, mainly on tax law, and received, in 2001, an honorary degree in Law at Uppsala University.










- Stephane Jacobzone

Senior Economist, Public Governance and Territorial Development, OECD


S. Jacobzone’s recent work covers regulatory oversight, the implications of the financial crisis for quality regulation in the financial sector and the role of regulatory reform as a tool for crisis recovery. His work also involves the institutional design for utility sectors, indicators of regulatory management systems, and co-ordinating country-based projects (initiative to strengthen competitiveness in Mexico, reviews in Australia, France, Italy, Korea, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and Brazil). Prior to this Mr. Jacobzone worked in OECD DELSA, co-ordinating the OECD health project and assessing the economic implications of ageing and the diffusion of new health technologies for public finances and health systems. Mr. Jacobzone began his career at the French Ministry of Finance, on public finance and public sector efficiency, transport and health economics. He taught at Sciences Po, ENA and ENSAE, authored 12 books and reports, and over forty articles. He graduated at the French Ecole Polytechnique, and ENSAE. 




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