Who's Who: Session A3



Session A3. Better Regulation for Green Growth






- Catharina Håkansson Boman

State Secretary, Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, Sweden


Mrs. Catharina Håkansson Boman is State Secretary to the Minister for Enterprise and Energy, Mrs. Maud Olofsson, since fall 2010.  Her duties as State Secretary cover a wide range of areas, such as business development, better regulation, competitiveness and innovations. Before entering the position as State Secretary, Mrs. Catharina Håkansson Boman served as Chief of Staff to the Minister for Enterprise and Energy during 2006-2010. Among her previous assignments in the Centre Party, which is one of the four parties of the Swedish coalition Government, she served as Secretary in the Centre Party Women’s Association during 1996-2000 and as Deputy Team Leader for the Centre Party Parliamentary Secretariat in 2006. She has previously also served as editorial page editor at a regional daily newspaper (Södermanlands Nyheter) during 2000-2006.








- Jason Johnston

Professor of Law, University of Virginia School of Law, United States


After serving as the Robert G. Fuller, Jr. Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Jason Scott Johnston joined the University of Virginia Law faculty in 2010. Johnston has published dozens of articles in law journals, such as the Yale Law Journal, and in peer-reviewed economics journals, such as the Journal of Law, Economics and Organization. He is currently working on a book that critically analyzes the foundations of global warming law and policy and on a series of articles on the economics of regulatory science. He has served on the Board of Directors of the American Law and Economics Association, and on the National Science Foundation's Law and Social Science grant review panel. Johnston received both his J.D. and PhD (economics) from the University of Michigan.  He has held fellowship appointments at the Yale Law School, the American Academy in Berlin and the Property and Environment Research Center.









- Chanho Park

Director-General, Global Legislation Research Centre, Korea Legislation Research Institute


Dr. Chanho Park is Director-General at the Global Legislation Research Centre, Korea Legislation Research Institute. His specialty is in Comparative Legal Research, and he has co-worked on the legislation of the Korean Green Growth Presidential Decree and M.R.V. System with the Presidential Committee on Green Growth (PCGG). From 2008, he started to research on “The Comparative Legal Analysis on climate change laws (European Union, France, United Kingdom, United States. etc.)”, and published the Working Papers in Korean. This cross-national experience on climate change will be very helpful to support the Korean Government Policy and Green Growth Institutional Building. Dr. Chanho Park currently serves as KLRI’s Position and Legal Counsel of Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI).







- Klaus Jacob

Research Director, Environmental Policy Research Centre, Freie Universitaet Berlin


Klaus Jacob has been a senior research fellow at FFU since 1995. He holds a diploma in political science and obtained his doctorate in 1998 with a thesis on innovation effects of chemicals policy. He is an associate lecturer and teaches policy studies and comparative policy analysis. Klaus Jacob manages the research projects of the FFU and has been working as a project manager in a number of international and national projects. His field of specialisation are innovation and market effects of environmental policies, innovation and diffusion of environmental policies, policy Integration and Impact Assessment. The projects include applied consultancy for national and international clients as well as basic research.










- Hitoshi Ushijima

Chuo University School of Law, Japan


Hitoshi Ushijima is Professor of Law at Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan. His research foci include administrative law and regulatory policy, environmental law, comparative law, and multi-layered legal systems and governance. He has been a Visiting Professor at Tulane Law School, a Visiting Researcher at Georgetown Law School, and is the author of the Japan Chapter of “Administrative Law and Governance in Asia” (Routledge, 2009). Professor Ushijima has served as a member of the Personnel Council at Japan’s Ministry of Defense and as an instructor at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication. He has also served on many local government advisory committees for administrative reform, environmental impact assessment, freedom of information, and data protection. Professor Ushijima received his LL.B. from Chuo, and his LL.M.s from Hiroshima University and the University of Wisconsin (Fulbright Program scholar). He served on the faculty of Fukuoka University, before joining Chuo in 2005.




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