Who's Who: Session A2


Session A2. Building a Competitive and Business-friendly Environment










- Jens Hedström

President, Board of Swedish Industry and Commerce for Better Regulation (NNR)


Jens Hedström has been President of the Board of Swedish Industry and Commerce for Better Regulation (NNR) since 2006. NNR is an independent, non-partisan political organization whose members include 15 Swedish business organizations and trade associations. It works to minimize the amount of information that business has to report to government and for a more business-friendly regulatory environment in Sweden and the EU. In his role as president, he is responsible for coordinating the Swedish business community’s activities on better regulation and acts as advisor to the Swedish government on its ongoing project (2006-10) to reduce administrative burdens on business. He also chairs the BUSINESSEUROPE Better Regulation Working Group. He started his career as a Senior Advisor on SME issues, deregulation, public procurement and international affairs and in 2001 became Director of SME and Trade Policy at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. He holds an LLM from Uppsala University.









- Stephan Naundorf

German Federal Chancellery, Advisor to the Minister of State, Germany


Stephan Naundorf manages the cooperation of the BRU with the regional governments, the parliamentary groups of the German parliament and the main umbrella organi¬sa¬tions of the German Economy. He is also responsible for the further development of the Federal Government’s programme for better regulation and advises the Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor, Eckart von Klaeden, who is in charge of Federal-State Coordination and Better Regulation. Naundorf holds a MBA and a Master of Political Sciences. Before joining the Federal Chancellery staff, he was a member of the Ministry of Defence staff for four years and worked in the economic sector for ten years. The focus of his professional work in the economic sector was on corporate communications, change management and new media. Naundorf was member of the management board and shareholder of an advertising and public relations agency in Munich.









- Felipe Duarte

Vice-Minister for Competitiveness, Mexico (TBC)


Felipe Duarte Olvera was named Vice-Minister of Competitiveness and Standards of the Ministry of Economy, by the President of Mexico on 17 September 2008. Previously, he held the post of Technical Secretary of the Economic Cabinet and Competitiveness in the Office of the President. In 2006, he collaborated in the transition team of President Calderon, in the process of reception of the Federal Public Administration. Previously, he worked for McKinsey and Co., and in the Office of Public Policies of the President’s Office. Felipe Duarte holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Businesses School of Harvard University, and he has a Bachelor Degree in Administration and Public Accountancy from ITAM in Mexico. He is the author of “Strategic Administration of costs as basis for obtaining competitive advantages”, published by the Mexican Institute of Public Accountants.









- Geneviève Pons-Deladrière

Head of Unit, European Commission, Secretariat-General


Genevieve Pons joined the Commission’s Legal Service in 1989. She entered President Delors’ Cabinet in 1991, as the member in charge of environment competition and infringements. In 1995 she moved to the Directorate General of Industry where she has held several management functions. She has been Head of the Impact Assessment and Administrative Burden Reduction Programme Unit between 1 January 2008 and 1st March 2010. As such she was an alternate member of the Impact Assessment Board of the Commission and in charge of the Administrative Burden Reduction Programme. Since 1st March 2010 she is head of the “Simplification and Administrative Burden Reduction Unit” in the Secretariat-General of the Commission (SG C3). Ms Pons holds a Law degree from the Sorbonne, a diploma from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris and is a graduate of the National School of Administration (ENA).









- Alexander Ehmann

Head of Regulation and Enterprise Policy, Institute of Directors (IoD), United Kingdom


Leading the institute’s engagement with parliamentarians, government, civil servants and other stakeholders, Alexander Ehmann is responsible for the IoD’s lobbying strategy and legislative interventions. He also leads on the institute’s Regulatory, Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs), finance and lending policy as well as leading the IoD’s policy research program via the unique Policy Voice online community. He joined the IoD in November 2006, having worked in Public Affairs and External Relations for a leading telecoms regulator. Previously, he served in a number of communications roles, including extensive Public Relations work for the British Army as well as a period as a Campaign Manager for a political party. He read Politics as an undergraduate in Bristol and holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Relations. He is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.





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