Engaging Local Employers in Skills Development in Australia

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Available from April 01, 2019

This report focuses on how to better engage employers to increase participation in apprenticeship and other work-based skills development opportunities, which support local economic development objectives. The report begins with the description of relevant economic and labor market condition in Australia and across states and territories.A key part of this project is the implementation of an employer-based survey in Australia, which gathers information from employers about their skills needs and barriers to apprenticeship participation. The project also takes a case study approach to understand various implementation strengths and weaknesses in Australia. The aim is to understand the interaction between national, state and local programmes and policies while offering practical advice to improve coordination and the participation of employers based on international best practices. For each case study area, interviews were undertaken with local stakeholders in the fields of vocational training, employment, and economic development in order to collect evidence around local actions being taken to boost participation in apprenticeship and other work-based training programmes.