Featured – PISA 2015 Results

Excellence and Equity in Education (Volume I)

This volume summarises student performance in science, reading and mathematics and defines and measures equity in education.

Policies and Practices for Successful Schools (Volume II)

This volume examines how student performance is associated with various characteristics of individual schools and school systems, including the resources allocated to education, the learning environment and how school systems select students for different schools, programmes and classes.

Students' Well-Being (Volume III)

This volume explores a comprehensive set of well-being indicators for adolescents that covers both negative outcomes (e.g. anxiety, low performance) and the positive impulses that promote healthy development (e.g. interest, engagement, motivation to achieve).

Students’ Financial Literacy Volume IV

This volume explores students’ experience with and knowledge about money and provides an overall picture of 15-year-olds’ ability to apply their accumulated knowledge and skills to real-life situations involving financial issues and decisions.

Collaborative Problem Solving (Volume V)

This volume examines students’ ability to work with two or more people to try to solve a problem and explores the role of education in building young people’s skills in solving problems collaboratively.

PISA in Focus

PISA in Focus is a monthly series of four-page, policy-oriented briefs describing a PISA topic.

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