Upcoming events

January Secretary-General 

Please note that this list provides only partial information about the many meetings that take place at the OECD in Paris and elsewhere. See list of past high-level ministerial meetings. For further information, please contact the Media Division.

Last update: 22/03/2017





Launch of Revenue Statistics in Latin American and the Caribbean 2017, Santiago de Chile, Chile.


2017 OECD Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum, Paris, France.


Seventh International Summit of the Teaching Profession 2017, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

4 Statistics: Consumer Price Indices.  

Global Forum On Development 2017, "Working together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals", Paris, France.


Statistics: Contributions to GDP Growth. 


G20 Digital Ministers Meeting, Dusseldorf, Germany.


Statistics: Composite Leading Indicators.


International Congress on Transport and Infrastructure Systems, Rome, Italy.


Statistics: Harmonised Unemployment Rates.

13 Fourth Global Forum on VAT.  
19 Launch of PISA 2015 Results Volume III (Students' Well-Being), Paris, France.  
21-23 WB/IMF/G20 Finance Ministers meeting, Washington D.C., United States.  
4 Launch of the 2017 Skills Outlook, Paris, France.  
4 Statistics: Consumer Price Indices.   
10 Statistics: Composite Leading Indicators.  
11 Statistics: Harmonised Unemployment Rates.  
15-18 The Second International Conference on National Urban Policy, Paris, France.  
22 Statistics: GDP Growth.  
22 Launch of African Economic Outlook 2017, Paris, France.  
24 Launch of PISA Results 2015, Volume IV (Financial Literacy), Paris, France.  
26-27 G7 Summit 2017, Taormina, Italy.  
31-2 June International Transport Forum Summit 2017, Leipzig, Germany.  
1 Ninth International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean, Paris, France.  
6 Statistics: Consumer Price Indices.  
6-8 OECD Week 2017, Paris, France.  
7 Launch of the Economic Outlook 2017 Vol. 1, Paris, France.  
12 Statistics: Composite Leading Indicators.  
12-16 World Summit on the Information Society Forum, Geneva, Switzerland.  
13 Statistics: Harmonised Unemployment Rates.   
13 High-Level Policy Forum on the OECD Jobs Strategy, Berlin, Germany.  
14 Statistics: G20 GDP Growth.  

International Summer School for cooperation and local development in Latin America, Trento, Italy