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General government expenditures as apercentage of the GDP 2007 2009 2014 2015 Health care financing schemes and percentage of population covered, 2015 or last year available


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General government fiscal balance Excel
General government structural balance     Excel
General government debt Excel
General government revenues Excel
Annual average growth rate of real government revenues per capita Excel
General government tax revenues Excel
Breakdown of general government tax revenues   Excel
Fiscal revenues from non-renewable natural resources       Excel
General government expenditures Excel
Annual average growth rate of real government expenditures per capita Excel
Government investment as a percentage of GDP   Excel
General government investment as percentage of total government expenditure     Excel
Employment in the public sector as percentage of total employment Excel
Women in public sector employment         Excel
Average annual compensation of professionals in central government relative to GDP per capita       Excel
Use of a medium-term perspective in the budget process   Excel
Use of performance budgeting practices at the central level of government
Health care financing systems Excel
Stakeholder engagement in developing subordinate regulations      Excel
Indicators of Product Market Regulation   Excel
OURdata Index: Open, Useful, Reusable Government Data Excel
Government procurement as a percentage of GDPConfidence in government and perception of corruption    Excel
Government procurement as share of total government exenditures  Excel
Confidence in elections    Excel
Confidence in government and perception of corruption    Excel


Government at a Glance: Latin America and the Caribbean 2017 - Country fact sheets








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Brazil Jamaica
Chile Mexico
Colombia Panama
Costa Rica  Paraguay
Dominican Republic Peru
Ecuador Uruguay





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