Economic Survey of Indonesia 2016



Despite a weak global context, growth has remained relatively robust. Policy has appropriately shifted towards boosting infrastructure investment, improving the business climate and reducing corruption.


Overview of the Economic Survey of Indonesia

Survei Ekonomi OECD Indonesia Ikhtisar


Tax reforms, more efficient public spending and better public governance, keys to consolidating Indonesia’s strong economic progress, Press release

Funding priority spending will become increasingly challenging in IndonesiaEcoscope Blog post

Reformasi Perpajakan, Belanja Publik yang Lebih Efisien dan Tata Kelola Publik yang Lebih Baik Merupakan Kunci untuk Mengkonsolidasikan Kemajuan Ekonomi Indonesia yang Kuat




OECD Economic Surveys: Indonesia 2016
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For further information please contact the Indonesia Desk at the OECD Economics Department.

This Survey was prepared in the Economics Department by Petar Vujanovic and Patrice Ollivaud, with the assistance of Agung Raden, under the supervision of Peter Jarrett. Research assistance was provided by Anne Legendre and secretarial assistance by Dacil Kurzweg.



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