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  • 9-July-2018


    OECD Statistics on External Development Finance Targeting Environmental Objectives Including the Rio Conventions

    Statistics on external development finance extended with the purpose of assisting developing countries in the implementation of the three Rio Conventions.

  • 5-June-2013


    Putting Green Growth at the Heart of Development

    This publication explains why green growth is vital to secure a more sustainable future for developing countries. Covering 74 policies and measures from 37 countries and 5 regional initiatives, this publication outlines an action-oriented twin-track agenda to guide national and international policies and practices to successfully tackle green growth.

  • 22-November-2012


    Sustainable Materials Management: Making Better Use of Resources

    Worldwide, 62 billion tons of natural resources – minerals, wood, metals, fossil and biomass fuels, and construction material – are extracted. On average, that’s almost 10 tons for every person on the earth. Of that, about one fifth ends up as waste and must be reused, recycled or disposed of in a way that is safe for people and the environment.

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  • 26-January-2012


    Enhancing Capacity for Greening Development

    This policy guidance outlines a number of steps to be considered when building capacity for greening national development planning, national budgetary processes and key economic sector strategies.

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  • 12-January-2012

    English, , 1,292kb

    Summary Enhancing Capacity: A Basis for Greening Development

    This is a summary of OECD publication "Greening Development: Enhancing Capacity for Environmental Management and Governance"

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  • 24-August-2010


    Green Growth and Developing Countries - Consultation Draft

    The concept of "green growth" offers real opportunities for more inclusive growth in developing countries while protecting the environment.

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  • 24-April-2009

    English, , 593kb

    Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Post-Conflict Development

    This is one in a series of Advisory Notes that supplement the OECD DAC Good Practice Guidance on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). It guides planners and policy makers in applying SEA to post-conflict development.

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  • 4-February-2009


    Natural Resources and Pro-Poor Growth: The Economics and Politics

    This publication demonstrates that natural resources can contribute to growth, employment, exports and fiscal revenues. It highlights the importance of policies encouraging the sustainable management of these resources, while emphasizing the special governance challenges.

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  • 27-January-2009

    English, , 612kb

    OECD Environment Working Paper: Greening Development Planning

    The report reviews different approaches to making the economic case for improved management of environment and natural resources in national planning.

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  • 1-December-2006


    Applying Strategic Environmental Assessment: Good Practice Guidance for Development Co-operation (2006)

    This guidance explains the benefits of using strategic environmental assessment in development co-operation and sets out key steps for its application based on recent experiences.

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