OECD recommendations

Productivity has picked up lately. Nevertheless, policies need to enhance framework conditions further and to support innovation and foster inclusive growth.

  • Streamline regulations in transport and construction.
  • Reinforce cooperation between companies, particularly start-ups, and universities.
  • Reduce taxes on labour to improve work incentives, and raise indirect taxes and recurrent taxes on property.
  • Reduce the number of products subject to reduced VAT rates.
  • Ensure that financial regulation supports new forms of financing, while guaranteeing financial stability and investor protection.
  • Design public procurement to encourage innovation.



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Productivity - Finland

Source: OECD May 2017 Economic Outlook database


 Key publications

Maliranta, M., P. Rouvinen and P. Ylä-Anttila (2010), “Finland’s Path to the Global Productivity Frontier Through Creative Destruction”International Productivity Monitor, 20(10), 68-84.

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Institutions icon Productivity - enhancing institutions

Ministry of Employment and the Economy

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy (MEE) is responsible for the operating environment underpinning entrepreneurship and innovation activities, securing the functioning of the labour market and workers’ employability, as well as for regional development.  

Research and Innovation Council

The Research and Innovation Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, advises the Government and its Ministries in important matters concerning research, technology, innovation and their utilisation and evaluation. The Council is responsible for the strategic development and coordination of Finnish science and technology policy as well as of the national innovation system as a whole. 


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