OECD recommendations

Reducing barriers to foreign direct investment in telecommunications and broadcasting, and in air transportation would boost productivity and reduce prices. This would disproportionately benefit lower- and middle-income households and make growth more inclusive. Sharpening inter-provincial competition and reducing barriers to internal trade would have similar effects.

  • Lower barriers to competition in network sectors.
  • Reduce barriers to internal trade by broadening sectoral coverage of the Agreement on Internal Trade, reconciling regulatory differences and strengthening enforcement.
  • Foster inter-provincial energy connections.
  • Review small business programmes to refocus them on clear market failures.
  • Change the tax mix towards environmental taxes and value-added tax. 



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Productivity - Canada


Source: OECD May 2017 Economic Outlook database


 Key publications

The Canadian Productivity Review (15-206-X).

Someshwar Rao (2011), "Cracking Canada's productivity conundrum"IRPP Study.

Institutions icon Productivity - enhancing institutions

Canada does not have a main productivity-enhancing institution. The Centre for the Study of Living Standards conducts research on productivity as do Statistics Canada and Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.


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