The OECD Gender Initiative examines existing barriers to gender equality in education, employment, and entrepreneurship. This website monitors the progress made by governments to promote gender equality in both OECD and non- OECD countries and provides good practices based on analytical tools and reliable data. 


This online resource will guide you in implementing the OECD Recommendation on Gender Equality in Public Life. Browse the OECD Gender Governance Toolkit

Video - Tackling gender inequality

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría talks about the challenges of gender inequality and how “the ultimate purpose is to reduce and ideally eliminate the gender gap so that every girl and every woman in the world can fulfil their potential.”

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Watch the OECD Gender Forum sessions :

OECD Gender Data Portal

The OECD Gender Data Portal includes selected indicators shedding light on gender inequalities in education, employment, entrepreneurship, governance, health and development, showing how far we are from achieving gender equality and where actions is most needed. 

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Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC)

Led by ILO, UN Women and the OECD, the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC) is a multi-stakeholder coalition to contribute to the achievement of SDG target 8.5 focusing on equal pay between women and men for work of equal value.


Women shaping the digital economy: Cultural and financial barriers and a lack of role models prevent women from reaching their full entrepreneurial potential. Nicola Hazell discusses how women can help create the economy of the future.