Making a real difference: Nudging for policy change


Day 1: 27 September 2018
Promoting inclusion and sustainability through behavioural insights.

Behavioural Insights (BI) has gone beyond the "disruption" phase in public bodies with over 200 government units, initiatives, capacities and partnerships established globally.

The application of BI to date has largely focused on improving implementation and the delivery of alternatives to regulation, as well as enhancing policy delivery, in particular through strengthening the information available to citizens and businesses to make better choices. There is further potential to use BI in identifying the challenges that governments seek to address.

Focusing on inclusion, sustainability and social outcomes, the first day of the conference will explore innovative ways to address complex policy problems with policy makers, academics, private sector, and civil society. This includes both developed and emerging economies, as well as national, sub-national and local governments. The interactive discussions with lead behavioural practitioners, policy makers and academics explore together the new frontiers in applying BI to public policy.


Day 2: 28 September 2018
Mainstreaming behavioural insights across governments.

As behavioural Insights (BI) is becoming more widely applied in major policy agendas, governments face challenges in "how to" apply BI as well as ensuring that the science is applied responsibly.

Following the seminal OECD Seminar on Behavioural Insights held in January 2015 and the OECD Nudging for Good Seminar held in May 2017, this second day will provide an opportunity for public policy officials and BI practitioners to discuss a policy-making toolkit and ethical framework to support governments at all levels to implement behaviourally-informed approaches. This will be followed by a discussion about mainstreaming the application of behavioural insights within government.

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