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  • 5-December-2017


    7th OECD High Level Risk Forum

    The Forum provides a platform for risk managers from government and the private sector to exchange knowledge and good practices in the management of critical risks, and to discuss opportunities to improve their governance through public/private partnerships.

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  • 2-novembre-2017


    Projet d'appui de l'OCDE pour la gestion des risques au Maroc - Atelier 2-3 novembre 2017

    Cet atelier, qui a eu lieu à Marrakech le 2-3 novembre 2017, sur la prévention des risques au Maroc est le troisième d’une série de quatre ateliers thématiques couvrant l’ensemble du cycle de gestion des risques dans le cadre du projet d’appui de l’OCDE pour la gestion des risques au Maroc.

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  • 29-September-2017


    Enhancing Transparency in Free Trade Zones - OECD-EUIPO Workshop

    Experts from across the relevant policy communities in government and the private sector discussed specific measures to help strengthen transparency in Free Trade Zones and reduce their vulnerability to trafficking.

  • 4-September-2017


    Trade in Counterfeit Products and the UK Economy - Fake Goods, Real Losses

    The modern structure of the UK economy is largely based on knowledge, ideas and innovation and its well integrated global value chains. These factors help boost the country’s economic growth, but at the same time they make it highly susceptible to the risk of trade in counterfeit goods. This risk negatively affects UK rights holders, the UK government, and the reputation of UK firms. This report measures the direct, economic effects of counterfeiting on consumers, retail and manufacturing industry and governments in the United Kingdom. It does so from two perspectives: the impact on these three groups of imports of fake products into the UK, and the impact of the global trade in fake products on UK intellectual property rights holders.
  • 22-August-2017


    Mapping the real routes of trade in fake goods

    Brochure highlighting the complex routes of trade in counterfeit and pirated goods.

  • 11-July-2017


    Want to catch a counterfeiter? Check your filter

    A new OECD/ EUIPO study maps counterfeit trade routes, and they’re complicated, writes Bill Below from the OECD Directorate for Public Governance.

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  • 10-juillet-2017


    Projet d’appui de l’OCDE pour la gestion des risques au Maroc

    Suite à la publication de l’Étude de l’OCDE sur la Gestion des Risques au Maroc, les autorités marocaines sous l’égide du Ministère de l’Intérieur (MI) et du Ministère des Affaires Générales et de la Gouvernance (MAGG), ont souhaité mobiliser l’expertise du Forum de Haut Niveau sur les Risques de l’OCDE pour les accompagner dans la mise en œuvre des recommandations élaborées dans la publication.

  • 7-July-2017


    G20 Principles on Combatting Corruption - Illegal Trade in Wildlife

    At the leader’s summit in Hamburg on July 7-8, 2017, the G20 High Level Principles on Combatting Corruption Related to Illegal Trade in Wildlife and Wildlife Products were launched as an annex to the Leaders’ Declaration. The Task Force on Countering Illicit Trade (TF-CIT) provided substantive input to this document throughout its development.

  • 23-June-2017


    Mapping the Real Routes of Trade in Fake Goods

    Trade in counterfeit and pirated goods is a vital threat for modern, innovation-driven economies, a worldwide phenomenon that grows in scope and magnitude. Counterfeiters ship infringing products via complex routes, with many intermediary points, which poses a substantial challenge to efficient enforcement. This study looks at the issue of the complex routes of trade in counterfeit pirated goods. Using a set of statistical filters, it identifies key producing economies and key transit points. The analysis is done for ten main sectors for which counterfeiting is the key threat. The results will facilitate tailoring policy responses to strengthen governance frameworks to tackle this risk, depending on the profile of a given economy that is known as a source of counterfeit goods in international trade.
  • 12-June-2017


    6th Workshop on Strategic Crisis Management

    The 6th OECD workshop on Strategic Crisis Management will bring together government crisis managers and practitioners from international organisations, industry and leading think-tanks to discuss the key challenges faced by governments in managing critical infrastructure crises.

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